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Where are you here?

Probably you like Heavy Metal. Otherwise you would´nt draw attention to us...
Even perhaps you swear by classic, progressive or at least melodic Metal...
But the other Metalheads all the time merely like grunting, yelling and evil, evil, evil??!!!

So stay with us a while. METAL CRY devoted itself to classic Heavy Metal: powerfull, epic, doomig, progressive, and sometimes a bit evil!

You can listen to us two times a month live either via internet (push the button "Livestream" rightmost ahead) or if you are in Jena / Germany incidental via our home station Radio OKJ: UKW 103,4 MHz / cable: 107,9 MHz.

You can find the current air dates of METAL CRY leftmost ahead or push the button "Air Dates".

Please read our Playlists, too. Get to know our (Wrecking) Crew. Write us your opinion in our Guestbook - wellcome to METAL CRY!
What has been broadcasted in the last METAL CRY show? Which bands respectively which songs could have been heard in older shows?
How can I get my band “HAMMERX”, “YMORE” or “BLACKZ” into METAL CRY? How can I get in touch with the crew members?
Is this permitted? Is everything here square and legal? Where do I find the disclaimer here?
    Radio OKJ - UKW: 103,4 MHz / Kabel: 107,9 MHz ( | METAL CRY, Felix Wachler, Steinweg 35, 07743 Jena /