220. SENDUNG 10., 20. & 31.12.2014  

SONDERSENDUNG: "Kisses Of Epic, Doom, Metal Pt. II "
DARKEST ERA - Beyond The Grey Veil
PROCESSION - To Reap Heavens Apart
THE DAGGER - Ballad Of An Old Man
BELOW - Ghost Of A Shepherd
AVATARIUM - Moonhorse
ONWARD - The Lost Side Of The World
IN AEVUM AGERE - The Shadow Tower
ARTIZIAN - I Am The Storm
MAGISTER TEMPLI - Master Of The Temple
ADRAMELCH - Cluny Calls
CANDLEMASS - Samarithan (LIVE)
ARGUS - Trinity
ATLANTEAN KODEX - White Goddess Unveiled (Crown Of
   The Sephiroth)
CLOVEN HOOF - Nova Battlestar
CRESCENT SHIELD - The Path Once Chosen
CROM - The Restless King
LEVIATHAN - Burning The Candle At Both Ends
SOLSTICE - These Forever Bleak Paths
NEVERMORE - Believe In Nothing