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Since 2003 fares well what actually can´t fare good at all: Old School Heavy Metal.

But from the start.
It´s passion that pushes the at that time like these days fanatical metalhead Felix to the little radio station OKJ in the so called Schillerhof in Jena / Germany and makes him hail exceedingly "Metal that nobody else seems to know anymore".

SANCTUARY. OMEN. SOLITUDE AETURNUS ... These were the very first bands being played at METAL CRY. Felix´ utterly favourite Power- und Doom Metal albums. Just shortly intermitted by Death Metal the kind of AMON AMARTH.

Because these days there was another freak in the studio, too. And his husky voice matched perfectly well in the still very young show: Konrad.

Together they decided to continue their unusual radio show METAL CRY. By this means two further shows had been broadcasted in large intervals live at Radio OKJ. One of those - the 3th one - consisted exclusively of Metal coverversions.
Intermediate Felix visits his old hometown Schmölln and meets by hazard an old friend on bowing terms: Silvia.

In a low pub, that has been closed down past in the meantime, he plays to her and the other attendants a copy of the first METAL CRY show.

With it Silvia nearly looses balance, because she had been given up by now the hope that there could be someone that listens to such Metal songs as she does.

As early as the 4th METAL CRY show Silvia is withal herself. Since that time Felix and Silvia criticise, hail or just enjoy "their" Metal songs live at METAL CRY.

As from the 7th show Konrad co-operates alas just sporadically and qutis bit by bit the METAL CRY team.

From January 2005 on METAL CRY gets a monthly and from January 2008 on a nearly fortnightly broadcasting sequence at Radio OKJ.
Meanwhile it´s more the current faves that are presented.
    Radio OKJ - UKW: 103,4 MHz / Kabel: 107,9 MHz ( | METAL CRY, Felix Wachler, Steinweg 35, 07743 Jena /